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What the World Needs…

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…is more Precious Love.


And, laughter! So hurry up and watch Schitt’s Creek. For both.ūüėČ


One stick at a time

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I was going to blog about training partners today, but I will save that for another time. While I was out riding on a beautiful late winter day, some of the trees here in Windsor are budding and birds are beginning to build their nests. On my cycling route, there is one nest in particular that I have watched over the past few years, a Bald Eagle’s nest.

Every year in the spring and summer it gets built up, one stick at a time, until it is a huge nest. I am sure the eagles who construct it are very careful and thorough, placing one stick and twig at a time in just the right spot. I am also sure not all the sticks are to their liking and get discarded or just fall away. Initially I thought this was how my training was building, but then the analogy to Huntington…

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Cape Breton Calling

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For all of our American friends out there, in case you were wondering, our card-carrying, proud feminist, pretty kick ass PM just gave one more reason to check out the shores to the North.

Cape Breton Island -- If Donald Trump Wins

And, Happy International Women’s Day,¬†from all of your Northern neighbours!:)



How We Wish You Were Here…

…even though you still are.


Barack Obama how we will miss you, let’s have David Brooks count the ways.


The book “Room” is so extraordinary that, even though it is full of words (as a book ought to be), words truly fail it. It is heartrending, thoughtful, visceral and unforgettable. It is a love story and it is one that will break your heart open, empty it out and then fill it right back up.


Jack, his Ma, their captor and their saviours, created by Emma Donoghue, are all part of an unforgettable landscape and populate the imagination with horror and then, slowly but certainly, redemption. The book and now the film remind us that we are, at the end of the day, all Jack’s, locked in our respective rooms. Whether we are trapped by geography, by circumstance or by some other mysterious fortune of fate we all have to use our imaginations, our hearts, our wisdom and our creativity to find a way out of our room and into the light.

To Be Alive

To Be Alive

The True Spirit of Giving

‘Tis the season for giving to be on most of our minds. For example, we may think about the parties we are going to give or the presents we are going to give — we are just thinking about give, give, giving all of the dang time. It is hard work.

But…is that really and truly the spirit of giving? At bringforth the goal is to keep it real, and, in the spirit of doing that, the only real answer to that particular question would seem to be…not really…not in the really, real sense.


Fortunately though, there remain people in the world who do really and truly embody the spirit of giving and they do this by really and truly giving of themselves.

The guys behind 2 GUYS, 4 WHEELS, 1 CAUSE get the true spirit of giving in a majorly true way. So, major in fact that come May 2016 they will be embarking on a coast-to-coast bike ride across Canada in the name of raising awareness, and money, for Huntington’s Disease. How awesome, monumental and cool is that? Answer: awesome, monumental and cool.

The truth is not all of us can, or, would even want to endeavour something like this, and, that is okay, not all of us have too.¬†What we can do though, in whatever ways we can, is ride (yes, that is intended!) on the bike riding coattails of these two amazing guys and their four wheels and try to embody, even a little bit, that same true spirit of giving. It’s a beautiful thing — any time, of any year.


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