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We Were Born To Be Comets

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Shine on and blaze across galaxies Donovan Livingston. Blaze on.

Donovan Livingston


Who Wants Some Lemonade?

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Answer: everyone. Any living, breathing, feeling person who is in the mood to have their mind blown and utter only one word sentences for a bit, the sentence being — wow.


Two weeks ago today, Beyonce changed the landscape again and she is still raining down lemonade on political, emotional, social, racial and cultural fronts. She is also showing scorned women everywhere the power of grace, the hard, brutal work of forgiveness and the beauty and glory that can be found there. All hail Queen Bey and let’s, as much as we can, try and all Bejust-like-yonce!:)

A Messy Order

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It seems that the things we often think we want the most (order, sameness, ritual and routine) are, even more often, the things we ultimately reject. Likely because those things (order, sameness, ritual and routine) are not the things that give Life its flavour, complexity, colour and texture. They are not the things that make Life really Real. Artists don’t paint order. Musicians don’t play sameness. Poets don’t wax about ritual and writers don’t write about routine. Creators create and they do so in rich and vibrant and beautiful colours.

The mundane is just that, mundane, and this is True in our Lives and, certainly, in our cities. Real order, true order is found in the embrace of messy chaos, the stuff of Life that makes things come alive. A woman like Jane Jacobs got that after the traumas of WWII and Jennifer Keesmaat has picked up the banner in Toronto today. Both of these women seek to make cities and urban centers vibrant, colourful, diverse and vital. Thank you Jane, and Jennifer, for doing more than your part to make the lives we live in our cities, and in our communities, textured, rich and, always, very, very interesting.


The Beauty of the Real

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The past few months the world has lost some greats: David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard and, most recently, Prince. While deference is given to all of these giants, the ones that seem to have struck the cultural nerve most profoundly are David Bowie and, here at bringforth, Prince. Having come of age with “Purple Rain”, “Kiss”, “Little Red Corvette” and so many others, his passing seems unbearably sad.


It is a weird thing to have, in many ways, grown up with someone, had them provide the background vocals to your Life and then suddenly they are just gone, back into the ether. In thinking about this sadness that will not shake, it strikes one how powerful music is; the way it unites, transforms and shapes people and the world as a whole. But, it is not just about the music and the art, no, what it is about most profoundly is the artist. These men and women who never quite seemed to be of this world but, rather, that other world. A world that encompasses everything and everyone and transcends time and space and elevates beauty and Truth to their highest points and, kindly, bring us along for the ride.

A while back we wrote about how much pleasure can be found in the contrary and artists like Prince embody the contrary. They belong not to a gender, to a culture, to a time or to a place. No, they belong to everyone and no one but themselves all at the same time. It is strange, contradictory and magic. So, as sad as this all is, all we can do is thank the Starman and the Purple One and all of the others who see Life as it really is, turn it into something beautiful and let us all share in the magic and the mystery. Thank you to all of the greats, who always bringforth, ever so beautifully.

What the World Needs…

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…is more Precious Love.


And, laughter! So hurry up and watch Schitt’s Creek. For both.😉


One stick at a time

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I was going to blog about training partners today, but I will save that for another time. While I was out riding on a beautiful late winter day, some of the trees here in Windsor are budding and birds are beginning to build their nests. On my cycling route, there is one nest in particular that I have watched over the past few years, a Bald Eagle’s nest.

Every year in the spring and summer it gets built up, one stick at a time, until it is a huge nest. I am sure the eagles who construct it are very careful and thorough, placing one stick and twig at a time in just the right spot. I am also sure not all the sticks are to their liking and get discarded or just fall away. Initially I thought this was how my training was building, but then the analogy to Huntington…

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Cape Breton Calling

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For all of our American friends out there, in case you were wondering, our card-carrying, proud feminist, pretty kick ass PM just gave one more reason to check out the shores to the North.

Cape Breton Island -- If Donald Trump Wins

And, Happy International Women’s Day, from all of your Northern neighbours!:)




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