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Envisioning a vision board

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Personally, I never thought myself to be a vision board person. I couldn’t understand how random bits of paper stuck randomly on a board could turn into, you know, things. But, the more I come to understand about how “thoughts become things” the stronger the pull to begin vision board’ing became.

See, thoughts were already becoming things because the more I thought about doing a vision board the more the universe pulled me in that direction. First, it was reading about vision boards on a friend’s blog. Then it was a random article in “O” magazine and, then, I decided to give it a shot. Following that, I was talking to another friend who thought ending a group she was running with a session on vision boards seemed like perfect way to sum everything up and, given my recent experiences, it was going to be me showing them how to do it! Pretty cool.

So, following Martha Beck’s great advice (she was the only one who ever really clicked with me on how a vision board ought to be done) I am going to teach the session and, hopefully, give us all a little chance to create BIG visions for our lives.

The Vision Thing ("O" magazine article by Martha Beck)



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