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Ways to bringforth

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Today marks the beginning of a new month and that sprit of newness causes one to think about all of the ways one can, well, bringforth. Ways to stretch the boundaries, push the limits and lead to new beginnings, uncharted adventures and the things that makes us feel alive, free, renewed and able to soar.

Here’s a list of a few ideas — the only question is what can you add to your list?

  1. Go back to school.
  2. Sing a song. Write a song.
  3. Learn to swim, ride a bike or dance.
    Carol Shields
  4. Pick an athletic event and set a training regiment for it.
  5. Join a group.
  6. Raise money for a worthy cause.
  7. Read a book you have been longing to read.
  8. Learn an instrument.
  9. Paint (or take) a picture.
  10. Buy a beautiful journal or a scrapbook and use it.
  11. Join a library, check out a “bon appetit” and learn to make a new food.
  12. Watch a “TED” video (or two) and learn something new.
  13. Bake a cake.
  14. Meditate.
  15. Start a blog.

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