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Peace in the Challenge

When life (and, of course, the other people in it!), begin to feel like a challenge it is good to remember that we are all trying to bringforth. And, that can be messy — people, ideas, experiences all bumping up against each other. But the world, as Allen Shawn wisely points out, the world needs all kinds and our job is to bringforth and to find peace in the challenge as we go.


“A species in which everyone is General Patton would not succeed, any more than would a race in which everyone was Vincent Van Gogh. I prefer to think that the planet needs athletes, philosophers, sex symbols, painters, scientists; it needs the warmhearted, the hardhearted, the coldhearted, and the weakhearted. It needs those who can devote their lives to studying how many droplets of water are secreted by the salivary glands of dogs under which circumstances, and it needs those who can capture the passing impression of cherry blossoms in a fourteen-syllable poem or devote twenty-five pages to the dissection of a small boy’s feelings as he lies in bed in the dark waiting for his mother to kiss him goodnight….Indeed the presence of outstanding strengths presupposes that energy needed in other areas has been channeled away from them”.

 – Allen Shawn

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