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Searching for Sugar Man

Rodriguez’s story is about a storm and the man who manages to stay calm and serene in the centre of it.

Searching for Sugar Man

Rodriguez’s life could be a cautionary tale about poverty, about lost dreams and missed chances; opportunities that have passed by. Instead, it is a story about hope, about redemption and about a deserving talent finally having his chance to bringforth that talent into the light.

Coming from Reality

“You can’t linger too much on your decisions, so yes, I chose to face reality,” he said. “I’m a family person, and you make those choices. You have to embrace it, my father used to say. You don’t hold it over there, where it can hurt you. There’s no shame in hard work.”


Cold Fact

“there have already been rewards just from the opportunity to do all this. I guess we all want to get there right away, but I believe it’s never too early, never too late.”


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