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The book “Room” is so extraordinary that, even though it is full of words (as a book ought to be), words truly fail it. It is heartrending, thoughtful, visceral and unforgettable. It is a love story and it is one that will break your heart open, empty it out and then fill it right back up.


Jack, his Ma, their captor and their saviours, created by Emma Donoghue, are all part of an unforgettable landscape and populate the imagination with horror and then, slowly but certainly, redemption. The book and now the film remind us that we are, at the end of the day, all Jack’s, locked in our respective rooms. Whether we are trapped by geography, by circumstance or by some other mysterious fortune of fate we all have to use our imaginations, our hearts, our wisdom and our creativity to find a way out of our room and into the light.


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