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A Messy Order

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It seems that the things we often think we want the most (order, sameness, ritual and routine) are, even more often, the things we ultimately reject. Likely because those things (order, sameness, ritual and routine) are not the things that give Life its flavour, complexity, colour and texture. They are not the things that make Life really Real. Artists don’t paint order. Musicians don’t play sameness. Poets don’t wax about ritual and writers don’t write about routine. Creators create and they do so in rich and vibrant and beautiful colours.

The mundane is just that, mundane, and this is True in our Lives and, certainly, in our cities. Real order, true order is found in the embrace of messy chaos, the stuff of Life that makes things come alive. A woman like Jane Jacobs got that after the traumas of WWII and Jennifer Keesmaat has picked up the banner in Toronto today. Both of these women seek to make cities and urban centers vibrant, colourful, diverse and vital. Thank you Jane, and Jennifer, for doing more than your part to make the lives we live in our cities, and in our communities, textured, rich and, always, very, very interesting.



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