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There Is Always a Sister Ship

But, we each have a responsibility to pick our ship and to sail forth on the winds of our fears, our uncertainties and our joys.

As Tomas Tranströmer beautifully expresses, there is always another way but we can’t know them all and so we must choose to love the ship we are on. The one we choose while sailing past whatever else might have been.

The Blue House:

It is night with glaring sunshine. I stand in the woods and look towards my house with its misty blue walls. As though I were recently dead and saw the house from a new angle.

It has stood for more than eighty summers. Its timber has been impregnated, four times with joy and three times with sorrow. When someone who has lived in the house dies it is repainted. The dead person paints it himself, without a brush,  from the inside.

On the other side is open terrain. Formerly a garden, now wilderness. A still surf of weed, pagodas of weed, an unfurling body of text, Upanishades of weed, a Viking fleet of weed, dragon heads, lances, an empire of weed.

The Blue House

Above the overgrown garden flutters the shadow of a boomerang, thrown again and again. It is related to someone who lived in the house long before my time. Almost a child. An impulse issues from him, a thought, a thought of will: “create. . .draw. ..”  In order to escape his destiny in time.

The house resembles a child’s drawing.  A deputizing childishness which grew forth because someone prematurely renounced the charge of being a child. Open the doors, enter! Inside unrest dwells in the ceiling and peace in the walls. Above the bed there hangs an amateur painting representing a ship with seventeen sails, rough sea and a wind which the gilded frame cannot subdue.

It is always so early in here, it is before the crossroads, before the irrevocable choices. I am grateful for this life!  And yet I miss the alternatives. All sketches wish to be real.

A motor far out on the water extends the horizon of the summer night. Both joy and sorrow swell in the magnifying glass of the dew. We do not actually know it, but we sense it: our life has a sister vessel which plies an entirely different route. While the sun burns behind the islands.


The Flow of Everything

The Flow of Everything

The Upside of Stress (aka Daring To See Things Differently!)

Ever think that stress is, maybe, the worst thing in the world?

Kelly McGonigal

After watching this talk from Kelly McGonigal there is a good chance you will see things differently because, as it turns out, the adage “change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” (Wayne Dyer) really is capital “T” True. 🙂

Balanced Act

“Enjoyment appears at the boundary between boredom and anxiety, when the challenges are just balanced with the person’s capacity to act.”

Mihali Csikszentmihalyi


There Is No Perfect

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“Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien”.

(The perfect is the enemy of the good.)

Voltaire “La Bégueule”

Nothing's Ever Perfect

The Benefits of Balance

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“You are up and you are happy. You are down and you are sad. All ups and downs help you to find a balance in your being. This is what life is all about. Once balanced, no more ups and downs, but bliss and joy and silence and gratitude”.

– Tishan –

Healthy Balance